Evangelist Imani Oscar Katana  annointed to uplift the spirit of many people to worship the most high GOD in JESUS NAME. He is the revivalist of this age.

This blog is for building the body of CHRIST, Here the living word of God will be derivered everyday in JESUS MIGHT NAME.

Evangelist Imani Oscar Katana is the first son of Rev Oscar A. Katana of Kibisi Baptist Church southern Tanzania in Mbeya Region and Rungwe District . H e was born 1984 in Kibisi village    5 kilometres from Tukuyu Town. His cousin was playing the primary role of teaching the truth of the Gospel to the boy when he was abaut 12 years old, trucks and testimonies was much touching the heart of the boy. For sure God was preparing him for his work.

Imani Oscar joined the primary school in his village in 1991  where he met with the headteacher Mr Josem Mwakipesile who preached the gospel of Christ to the whole class, and he prayed for the whole class most of the young people were converted that day but Many of them backslide but not this young boy.

After completing the primary school , unfortunately he was not selected to join secondary school there fore he went in Mbeya town to stay with his uncle, At that time he became aggressive in spirit even though he was young but he managed to preach the gospel into different occasion and many were blessed.Then in his mission he met with the challenge of language where by he was interested to continue with studies so that he can reach the world with the Gospel of Christ.

God is faithfully in 2001 he opened the door of continuing with studies where he joined Tukuyu secondary school, then he passed to Bihawana Secondary school and then he joined the university of Dares salam where he graduated as the chemist in 2010.

During his studies he was commited to preach the gospel, his fellow students used to call him man of God, priest, bishop , pastor and you can name it but all aiming to identify his calling. He was called to save in both school and college he was selected as the National secretary of Tanzania fellowship of Evangelical students (TAFES)and as the general secretary of GOD’S KINGDOM BUSSNESS (GKB) with this group he was among the leader who lead others to reach unreached with the Gospel.

Evangelist Imani Oscar Katana was called from the womb of her mom to be anointed as the preacher of the Word of God and helping others to know the kingdom. He is now reaching the world by physical preaching , short messages, social networks, mass communication , students ministry and crusades e.t.c.

He believe in PURITY in both physical body and spirit, He is committed to reach the world with the Gospel of Christ.

This servant of GOD is married to beautiful wife Lisi and they are blessed with two sons.

The principal verse of his ministry is